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focus on the future earnings of a company

Investing Tip #275: Focus on the Future Earnings of a Company, Not on Stock Price Behavior

A long-rising market may induce you to purchase based on anticipated price behavior. You may be guided by emotions to avail the opportunity and make profits.  But remember Warren Buffet’s warning, “The fact that a given asset has appreciated in the recent past is never a reason to buy it.” If you want to learn […]

Having a plan can help you realize that debt is not forever, and that it is possible to be debt free. So what's the best debt payoff method for you?

Snowball vs. Avalanche: What Is the Best Debt Payoff Method?

When you first start paying off debt, the most important thing is to have a plan. Without a plan, paying off debt can seem like a daunting task, which will quickly deflate any motivation you have to, you know, actually pay off debt. Having a plan can help you realize that debt is not forever, […]

Looking for some tried and true ways to manage your finances. These personal finance rules are simple but effective and will have a profound impact on your finances.

Personal Finance Rules You Need to Live By

When it comes to personal finances there are so many opinions that it can be hard to decide who to listen to. However, even with these varying levels of opinions there are also some personal finance rules that are non-negotiable. These are the things that almost everyone can agree on and are rules that you […]

speculation does not yield sustained growth

Investing Tip #274: Speculation Doesn’t Yield Sustained Growth

You can make short term gains through speculating stocks.  You may earn handsome amounts in a few transactions, but you will be guided by emotions to reinvest more. Ultimately you will be a net loser. If you want to learn more check out these resources: Investing for College Students Does Speculation or Accumulation Hold the […]

Early Tax Filing Tips

Early Filing Tax Tips For People Wanting Tax Refunds

I love tax season – but I’m nerdy like that. However, I know a lot of people that also love tax season because they want to get their tax refunds. And for people wanting to get their tax refunds as soon as possible, early filing is when it happens. I have several friends that count […]

Believe it or not, debt is not forever. If you can find your reason "why" then you'll be able to attack your debt! Find out why.

Debt is Not Forever – Find Your Reason Why

I’m pretty lucky, I had only amassed about $2,500 in debt before realizing the major repercussions that came along with it. At the time I felt like credit cards were my passage into adulthood. I had no problem applying for credit cards and then maxing them out within a week. At the time paying off […]

Review your investments with a negative carry.

Investing Tip #273: Review Your Investments with a Negative Carry

A negative carry is a situation in which an investment has a lower yield than the cost of funding for it. You get a negative return by carrying it.  You lose money. Review your portfolio and discard investments with negative carry except when needed for a specific purpose. If you want to learn more check […]

Thinking of using eSmart Tax this year? Find out what we think of it in our eSmart Tax 2014 review.

eSmart Tax 2014 Review

Before this year I had never heard of eSmart Tax, let alone used it. However, I always think it’s a good idea to give less known companies a fair chance. I sat down last week to do one a friend’s taxes and decided to give it a try. Here’s my eSmart Tax 2014 review. First […]

focus on a companies core competencies

Investing Tip #272: Focus on a Company’s Core Competencies

Buy a company that is regularly improving its basic earning power through organic growth and further increasing their earnings through acquisitions in its core areas. Avoid a company which is diversifying in different areas especially through small or large acquisitions. If you want to learn more check out these resources: Warren Buffett’s Top Investing Tips […]

Robinhood Review

Robinhood Review – Are Commission Free Trades Worth It?

Robinhood is one of the newest and hottest brokerage firms that started in the last year. It recently came out of beta and is accepting individuals to join it’s commission-free trading firm. It bills itself as the future of trading – with $0 trades, a fancy iPhone app (no Android as of writing), and a […]

invest in these types of companies

Investing Tip #271: Look for Companies That Buy Back Their Shares at a Discount

Warren Buffett prefers a company that repurchases its shares when they are available at a significant discount from the intrinsic value. This enhances a company’s per-share intrinsic value further. Invest in such companies for long term growth. If you want to learn more check out these resources: The Value Investing Cheat Sheet Warren Buffett’s Top […]

finance speaker

How to Tell a Good Business or Finance Speaker From a Bad One

When you’re transforming your financial future, a speech by a personal finance guru or successful businessperson can motivate you like nothing else can. Speakers open your eyes to possibilities you’d never considered, and they show you that it’s possible to reach for your dreams. If you feel like giving up on your goals, a speaker […]

tax driven and tax advantaged investments

Investing Tip #270: Know the Difference Between Tax Driven and Tax Advantaged Investments

Your objective should be to maximize your post-tax return on your investments and not just to save on taxes. If you earn more on good investments and pay more tax, it is acceptable as long as the net return is higher. It is always advisable to do some calculations and home work before you invest […]

convert your savings into investments

Investing Tip #269: Convert Your Savings into Investments

Initially you may keep your savings in a savings account with a bank. Please be certain that your bank is providing you with a competitive interest rate.  But remember, interest in a savings account is very low. Make your money work harder and earn for you. Invest your savings in financial products and assets which […]


What to Look for When Investing in a Crowdfunding Project

For decades high-return investment in start-up companies has been off limits to regular investors. Rules by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) didn’t even allow advertisement of these investments to the public as venture capital firms like Bain Capital got fat on the opportunity. While Crowdfunding has not yet opened to everyone, new rules could […]

pay your credit cards on time

Investing Tip #268: Pay Your Credit Cards on Time

The efficient use of credit cards brings financial benefits by the way of interest free credit for around one month. This enables you to make a better financial plan. But if you default, it puts a hole in your pocket. You’ll pay interest as high as 36% per annum! If you cannot use discipline, it […]

Do you find it embarrassing to look back and think of things you wasted money on? To make you feel better here are some of my biggest money blunders.

5 Things I’ve Wasted Money On

As a self-proclaimed frugal minimalist, I enjoy living with less and being careful with my money. But I wasn’t like this naturally. As soon as I started working, I thought of my money as fun money and spent it on little luxuries to keep myself entertained. I was young, careless, and still living with my […]

put your bills on auto pay

Investing Tip #267: Put Your Bills on Auto-Pay

Pay your bills on time to avoid any penalties. Remember a dollar saved on a penalty is the same as an extra dollar earned. You can link your bills with your bank accounts and use an automatic payment. This reduces the chances of default and you won’t have to remember due dates. If you want […]

Robert Farrington

21 Facts You Might Not Have Known About The College Investor

Today is the 21st of January, and I thought I’d have some fun with the theme of 21. It’s been a long time since I’ve really talked about myself, so I thought that I would share 21 facts that you probably didn’t know about me. This site has grown exponentially since I started it in […]

start saving today

Investing Tip #266: Start Saving Today

You have to start saving today. Develop a regular savings habit. Avoid all unnecessary wastages of money. Savings is necessary if you want to build up your portfolio and achieve your financial goals. There’s no other way around it. If you want to learn more check out these resources: The Ultimate Guide to Saving for […]