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HQ Mobile

NQ Mobile is Cheap but should you Invest Now?

The stock price of NQ Mobile (NASDAQ: NQ) was highly volatile over the past year. The 52 week range of $7.05 - $25.90 is wide and it has made a two large fluctuations within that range.  The stock sold off significantly over the past month, from slightly over $20, down to its current price of … Keep Reading...

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is it better to be an entrepreneur or an employee

Is it Better to Be an Entrepreneur or an Employee?

There are countless articles on the internet claiming that being an entrepreneur is better than being an employee. But is that really the truth? I have been on both sides of the fence now and while I currently enjoy what I do, I want to dispel the myth that working for yourself is nothing but [...]

Brenton Hayden

Meet the Millionaire Who Retired at 27

Today I’m excited to share the story of Brenton Hayden – a young millionaire who ditched full time work at 27.  You may have seen his story recently on Yahoo Finance, and I wanted to touch base with him and learn a little more about him.  You see, he started a company and turned it [...]

Automatic Roth IRA Contributions

How To Setup an Automatic Roth IRA

One of the biggest benefits of saving and investing in a 401k is that it’s automatic – your employer just takes care of everything for you.  Don’t you wish that investing in a Roth IRA could be that simple?  Well, you can setup an automatic Roth IRA and make it easier to save for retirement [...]

business plan

Your Business Plan – The Company Overview

One of the most important sections of your business plan is the company overview. This is basically where you tell everyone exactly who you are and what you do. This is to be an overview of the business and where you would like to take it in the future. Think of this almost as an [...]

Investing in Clothing Stocks

Make Your Portfolio More Fashionable Along with Your Wardrobe

Eventually the wardrobe that worked throughout college will have to be upgraded for most students when it comes time to enter the workforce.  There is no reason not to use that experience to help you become a better investor.  As a matter of fact, there is every reason to utilize it to become a more [...]

Roth IRA

When To Open a Roth IRA

The other day I was talking about my favorite financial hack, which is front loading your life.  This basically means saving as much as possible as early as possible.  Along with my hack, I shared with you one of my favorite quotes that inspired it: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years [...]

how to run your personal finances like a business

How to Run Your Personal Finances Like a Business

If you managed your money like you would a business what would your finances look like? I’m willing to bet they’d be in much better shape than they are now. When you operate a business you watch your bottom line. After all, who wants to run a business that isn’t profitable? The whole point of [...]

Plant a Tree Saving Money Proverb

My Top Financial Hack: Front Loading Your Life

I love this quote – it relates exactly to my top financial hack – front loading your life.  I’m a big believer that you need to do as much as you possibly can as early as you possibly can.  It’s so much better to load up on savings and investments in your 20s versus your [...]

tax credits for college students

Tax Credits College Students May Qualify For

Many college students are caught in a balancing act between studying for their courses, working to pay expenses, and enjoying the social activities that college life has to offer. This is often stressful and overwhelming to some. Well, wants to help relieve some of this financial burden by recommending the following tax credits below. [...]

burst saving

Dominating Your Finances With Burst Saving

The fact is, you can’t always save.  But at the same time, there are times when you can save a lot!  Instead of focusing on budgeting and doing a little each month, focus instead on dominating when you can, and not fretting when you can’t. I’m calling this burst savings. If you’re not totally following along, [...]

global growth for natural resource sector

Profit from Global Growth with the Natural Resources Sector

In its “Global Outlook” report, the International Energy Agency predicts that the bulk of the increase in the demand for energy around the world will be from emerging market nations such as China and India.  Along with that, there will be a tremendous need for commodities such as copper, gold, and coal, among others, to [...]

investment properties

The 4 Types of Investment Properties to Avoid

Pangs of panic, an angry admission of gullibility and a strong sinking feeling; making a poor investment will inevitably lead to a heart-stopping, dreaded moment of realisation. We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives because really, a bad investment is just a bad decision. Unfortunately, the repercussions can be enormous, not to [...]

portfolio march

The 2014 Investing Challenge April Update

Alright ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next update for the Grow Your Dough Investing Challenge.  As you know, February was a rough month for my investing portfolio.  I made some stupid investing mistakes, and it cost me big time.  My $1,000 starting portfolio had dropped down to $994.84. However, things only got scarier from [...]

lessons from a new investor

5 Lessons From a New Investor

When it comes to investing getting started is half the battle. As a new investor you have all kinds of fears. It’s hard to get started. You don’t have enough money to start. You don’t know what you’re doing or where you should even open up an account. The good thing is once you get [...]

Tax Day Giveaway

$650 Tax Day Giveaway 2014

Enter for your chance to win $650 from a great group of bloggers in the Tax Day Cash Giveaway…but hurry just like your taxes it all ends at midnight on April 15th, 2014!! Our Amazing Cohosts for this Giveaway are: Linda @ Crafts a la Mode   Mandy Jean  @  Mandy Jean chic  Evelyn @ My Turn for us  [...]

how to become a landlord

Investing in Real Estate: How to Become a Landlord

Many self-made millionaires have gained their fortunes through real estate investing. Real estate has proven to be a time tested, successful investment for many. And there’s no wonder why. When you invest in real estate you can flip a house for quick profits or become a landlord and gain semi passive income over the long [...]

Tim Sykes Penny Stocks

How To Make Millions Trading Penny Stocks with Timothy Sykes

Penny stocks – it’s one of those investments that either gets you very excited or gets your blood boiling.  For some, it has been a lucrative trading choice. For others, it’s an area that should be avoided at all costs. Well, today I’m really excited to have on a very well known millionaire today, and [...]

become a taxi driver

Side Hustle Idea: Become a Taxi Driver

Side hustles are a great way to bring in additional income while attending college or working a full time job. And if you love driving and have a clean driving record becoming a taxi cab driver could be the perfect side hustle If you’re interested in becoming a taxi driver here are a few things [...]

millionaire by investing

How To Become a Millionaire by Investing

Investing is one of the keys to becoming a millionaire.  It’s one of the secrets from your millionaire neighbors.  But the truth is – investing itself isn’t the secret.  It’s how you do it that matters. I want to show you what it takes right now to become a millionaire through investing.  It possible, and [...]

Free Financial Advisor

WiseBanyan Review: A Free Online Financial Advisor

New to investing? Sick of high account minimums? Tired of paying trading, management, and rebalancing fees? WiseBanyan could be the solution to all of your investing frustrations. After witnessing firsthand the often misaligned values of financial advisors and their clients, combined with too high minimum investment amounts, and unreasonable fees the idea for WiseBanyan was [...]